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What is Foothills Chiropractic about?

We are a family-oriented chiropractic office dedicated to serving the people of Travelers Rest and Northern Greenville County. We believe that inside each and every one of us is a Divine Magnificence that wants to be fully expressed. And chiropractic care is a huge part of this expression.


We offer hyper-convenient wellness chiropractic care that allows busy families and individuals to get chiropractic care without spending an hour in our office. We have a membership fee system that makes getting regular, ongoing chiropractic care a reality for almost every family we meet.


Foothills Chiropractic exists to serve God by serving His people through the application of specific scientific chiropractic adjustments. By doing this we better connect people to the Power that created them. Every man, woman and child is better off when they are fully connected to this power.


If you are having any symptoms, from back pain and neck pain all the way to serious illnesses like diabetes or asthma, then there is a good chance that YOU are not connected. And if we can get you reconnected to the Power that made you, good things will happen in your life.


We look forward to meeting you and seeing if we might be able to help you.

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