Are you suffering from a condition that is keeping you from the life you deserve?

Foothills Chiropractic can help you get your life back!
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What Our Clients Say…


We work on six zones of the body: 

> Glandular
> Eliminative
> Nervous
> Digestive
> Muscular
> Circulatory

Get Hope

At Foothills Chiropractic, we help people just like you overcome even the most challenging health problems. It is not fair to say you have “tried everything” until you have tried Specific Chiropractic!

Get Well

At Foothills Chiropractic we are not just about helping you get out of pain. We realize that every pain or symptom is a sign of a deeper underlying problem keeping you from living life to the full.

get on with your day

At Foothills Chiropractic we value your time. We are the most efficient office you’ve ever been to. You don’t even need an appointment to come in once you are a patient in our office.

Meet the Doc

  • Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (go Pistons!)
  • Went to Detroit Catholic Central High School (go Shamrocks!)
  • Loves serving in the Travelers Rest community
  • Loves joking and having fun with kids in his office
  • President of Gateway Elementary School Improvement Council
  • Has served on the George I. Theisen YMCA Advisory Board for many years

Foothills Chiropractic


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