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Do Your Health Problems Have You Frustrated?

• Are you unable to fully do the things you love to do?
• Are you tired of the merry-go-round of drugs, therapies and treatments that aren’t working?
• Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
• Are you ready to live life without limits again?
• Are you in pain RIGHT NOW and looking for help TODAY?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then Foothills Chiropractic is the right place for you.

Neurologically Based Chiropractic

Addresses the cause of your problems instead of just covering up the symptoms

Convenient Scheduling

No appointments needed – come when it’s most convenient for you

We Honor Your Time

We’re so efficient you’ll be in and out within 10-15 minutes on most visits

We know what it feels like to be frustrated because you can’t find a solution for your health problems.

We’ve been where you are now. And we want to give you HOPE. There are better days ahead. You just have to take the first step and come in for a free consultation. Dr. Mike has helped for than 10,000 people in the last 25 years. And he can help you too. But don’t take our word for it, look at what his patients have to say.

“I had pain radiating from my neck down into my back and shoulders, and worse, up into my head! A few sessions–probably about three or four–and the pain was GONE! I will continue with maintenance treatment because I know healing when I expereience it and want to remain pain free!” – Linda W.

“I have been to him many times. No appointment needed just stop in and leave within minutes. He is very easy to deal with and he has helped me with chronic neck pain…He is great!” – Claudia B.

What to Expect at Foothills Chiropractic


Consultation with Dr. Mike

Meet one-on-one with Dr. Mike Geran to talk about what is going on with you


Specific Recommendations

Dr. Mike will give you a clear path to get you healthy again


Get Started

Get the results you’re looking for as quickly as possible

Welcome to Foothills Chiropractic!

If you are on our website and checking us out, then I am certain that you are dealing with a health concern (or maybe more than one concern). And it is safe to say that this is probably affecting your life and preventing you from doing many of the things you love to do.

Maybe you’re dealing with back pain, neck pain or headaches. Maybe you have other health challenges – like digestion, reproduction, sinuses, lungs, mental issues, stress, sleeping.

You may have tried everything, with little to no success, and chiropractic is your last resort.

But no matter what is going on, you are looking for help. You want to get back to living life without limitations. And this is what we are here to help with. We want to help you get your life back.

And here at Foothills Chiropractic we utilize one of the most powerful healing methods in the world, the Zone Technique to get amazing results.

Imagine what your life would look like if your problems were completely better. Imagine being able to do exactly what you love to do. What would your life be like? With the Zone Technique, this can become your reality.

Take the first step and schedule your first visit with Dr. Mike.

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