Doctor in the Rear-View Mirror
Doctor in the Rear-View Mirror

The specialists say you have allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, depression, chronic fatigue, GERD and fibromyalgia. They say you’ll be on a dozen different medications for the rest of your life. But what does the doctor looking back at you in the mirror say?

The doctor in the mirror says you have an innate wisdom inside, capable of RE-CREATING a healthier version you… a ‘you’ without allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, depression, chronic fatigue, GERD or fibromyalgia. That doctor is just waiting for you to remove the roadblock.

Health is your birthright. Health is your natural state. Health is what you experience when you have a clear nerve system. Don’t be imprisoned by the white coat’s diagnosis, it’s merely a temporary state. Find a Chiropractor who works with the doctor inside you and you’ll leave sickness and dis-ease behind in the dust.

As an added bonus this week, I am doing my best David Letterman impression. And I put together my very own “Top 10” List. You see, a lot of people come to me every week because they feel better when they get adjusted. And that is very cool. But this list is about a bunch of other benefits you get from Chiropractic care. My guess is that if you think about it, you have noticed one or more of these in your life since starting Chiropractic care with me.

Dr. Mike Geran


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