Every day you and I will ask people “How are you doing today?”

And we will get all sorts of responses.

“Oh, I’m doin” “I’m fair to middling”. “I’m taking what they’re giving”

“I could be better”

Or some people just mumble about how bad the world is…

It kind of reminds me of Norm Peterson in the great Cheers tv show. One day, he comes in and everyone shouts “NORM!!!”… Woody the bartender says “How’s the world treating you Mr. Peterson?” … to which Norm replies “Like the world’s a dog and I’m wearing mild bone underwear!”

I want you to consider something. A lot of answers you will get to this question of “how are you doing?” will be based on how the person perceives the world to be treating them. And a lot of us feel like our day is dependent on what is going on around us. From the OUTSIDE.

Stocks are up, the world is great. Stocks are down, the world is terrible. You can insert anything in the place of stocks. Kids, Marriage, News, Co-workers. So many of us base how we are doing on what is happening to us.

But I would like you to consider a different viewpoint. One that may just challenge you.

What if…

You could…


What if YOU wake up with the determination to be the creator of how your day will go. And YOU were determined not to let outside things affect how your day went.

No matter how circumstances or people around you treated you, you made the decision to CREATE YOUR DAY. You make the decision that today would be a phenomenal day from the moment you woke up until you laid your head on the pillow at night.

How do you think your day would go if you did that?

How do you think you’d answer when someone asked you “how are you doing today?”

If you made the decision that the day was going to be great you’d have no choice but to answer “I’m having a great day!”… because you had decided ahead of time to have a great day.

It is that easy.

Make the decision tonight that when you wake up you will CREATE a great day for yourself tomorrow.

And when the guy cuts you off on the road you don’t immediately go to pieces and start cursing at him. Or when your kids do something you don’t like you don’t go off on them. No matter what happens you just go with the flow. Because you decided to create a great day today.

Try this and let me know how it goes!

Another huge thing that can improve your day is regular chiropractic care. You feel better, function better, and have a generally better outlook on life when you are healthier. For more information on becoming a new patient or to schedule a free consultation, give us a call at (864) 313-4813.