Systems Never Get Tired
Systems Never Get Tired

Last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday. And the Patriots won. I’m honestly neither happy nor sad about them winning. But I find it interesting. I once heard a quote that someone attributed to the Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick.

That quote was:

“People get tired. Systems don’t.”

Honestly I don’t even know if he said this. But it directly applies to the Patriots dynasty. They have a system that works year in and year out. Regardless of the players involved. OK, there is a guy named Tom Brady who is pretty good. But he’s the ONLY constant throughout their dynasty. But the Patriot system works every year.

And it got me thinking about you and your health.

Do you have a system for getting and staying healthier?

Something that will work year in and year out, regardless of what is going on with you personally. A system.

Not leaving your health to chance.

If you could be like Coach Belichick. Have a GOAL. His is the Super Bowl Championship. What would you say your health goal is? Perfect immunity? Lower weight? A longer life? To grow old and be in great shape?

So pick your health goal.

Then Belichick has a PLAN. A step-by-step process that outlines how he will achieve his goal.

So make your health plan.

Then, Coach Belichick EXECUTES his plan without fail. He has the ability to easily see if his plan is working or if it needs tweaking. As the wins pile up he then knows that he is on the right track.

It is up to you to execute your plan to get and stay healthier. And make minor corrections if necessary.

One essential thing that MUST be part of your health plan is regular chiropractic care. You can do everything else perfectly, but chiropractic is like the quarterback of your football team. If you and your family gets regular chiropractic care, it’s like having Tom Brady quarterbacking your health care.

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Dr. Mike Geran


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