Handwriting Day

I am on vacation in Florida this week with my family. We found a place we love on the Atlantic coast. The weather has been pretty overcast all week, but it’s great to take time with my family.

And it got me thinking…

It is so very important to take time to rest and recharge. For your mental, spiritual and physical health.

And you don’t have to get out of town to do that. You can just take a drive to the mountains.


No phone. No Facebook. No emails.

If you think about it, putting your phone in Airplane mode is like taking a vacation nowadays. Think of it as “taking a vacation….from other people’s problems”!!!

Another great way you can get away without going on vacation is to get quiet and meditate. I know, “meditation” is a word that sometimes gets a bad rap.By meditation, I just mean to close your eyes and quiet your mind. That right there is a way to get away every single day.

So my plan after we get back is to commit to getting quiet every single day. To see what I want to happen that day.

Powerful stuff.

Give it a try and let me know how it changes your life!

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