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Picture if you will, you are able to travel back in time to the year 1912. And the great ship the Titanic has just set sail for North America. Since you are a student of history, you know that the Titanic is going to sink.

So you decide to do something about it.

You get to the iceberg days before that fateful night when the big ship slammed into the huge iceberg. And here is what you do…

You decide to start chiseling away at the part of the iceberg that is sticking out of the water. And you and your crew work and work and work. Tirelessly. Day and night you keep chipping away at the tip of the iceberg until it is no longer visible above the surface.

You did it. And you and your crew sit back and enjoy a cold beverage and marvel at the good work you did. You can’t see the iceberg anymore.

A job well done!

On April 14, the Titanic comes through. And it slams into the huge iceberg still beneath the surface, sinking.

All because YOU didn’t fix the REAL problem. The problem wasn’t what you could see. The problem was what was below the surface. You only treated the symptom and you did NOTHING to address the problem itself.

What does this have to do with your health?

It happens all of the time.

Let’s say you have a symptom. A headache. And it sucks to have a headache. I know personally about that. But…that headache is just like the tip of the iceberg. It is ONLY a symptom of an underlying problem in your body.

One such problem, and it happens quite often, is an imbalance somewhere in your nervous system. This imbalance often leads to damage in the body that show no symptoms initially. Once it gets bad enough, once the “iceberg” gets big enough, symptoms can show up as the end result of this process.

By simply taking drugs to mask the pain, it’s just like when you got rid of the tip of the iceberg. The Titanic still sank because of what was underneath the surface. Your health continues to decline if you don’t address the real problem.

At Foothills Chiropractic, we see a lot of different symptoms and conditions. And they are very often caused by this nervous system imbalance. And all we have to do is get the nervous system balanced and almost all of the time, the patient will begin to heal. (Note: the patient is the one that does the healing, not the doctor). And this can happen without us having to do anything to the symptoms themselves.

I utilize the Zone Technique because I have found that it is the single best way to balance a patient’s nervous system.

The moral of the story…

If you have symptoms, you have a choice. You can use drugs to get rid of the symptoms while doing absolutely nothing to help the actual problem. Or you can actually address the problem that’s causing the symptoms.

It is even better for you…if you catch these “icebergs” before they become a serious problem leading to symptoms. By getting regular chiropractic care and keeping your nervous system at optimal function, you’ll do just that.

If you have a health problem that you would like help with, you can schedule a free consultation with our office to discuss your condition. Just give our office a call at (864) 313-4813 and we will get you scheduled.

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