“So Dr. Mike, chiropractors only know the spine, right?”

I say yes and no. Some chiropractors know about things beyond the spine.

I’ve been a chiropractor since 1997, and I’ve taken care of lots of different patients and lots of different conditions. We have taken care of a lot of different extremity problems, so not just the spine, but shoulder problems, knee problems, ankle problems, wrist problems, elbow problems.

We take care of a lot of extremity problems, and we just get those joints functioning better, moving better and when they do that oftentimes, they feel great without cortisone injections, without surgeries, without all sorts of different therapies.

Just by restoring joint motion, extremities get better. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had somebody come in with knee pain and we adjust the knee a couple of times, boom, the knee’s better.

If you have any extremity problems, if you have shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, you need to get to Foothills Chiropractic because we’ll be able to help you.