Handwriting Day

I learned something a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I didn’t celebrate it, but January 23 is apparently national handwriting day.

You know how every day has several different holidays to it?

You know…National cake Day, National peanut butter and jelly sandwich Day, National juggling day, the lost goes on…

But January 23 is National handwriting day. And I love handwriting. I love cursive handwriting. I love doing it. It really makes me feel good writing in cursive.

Yes, I know, call me a freak.

But I love the art of handwriting and I feel like I have beautiful penmanship. Maybe that’s why.

But if you do a little research into the neurological benefits of handwriting, they are quite remarkable.

When you journal…When you put your thoughts on paper…And when you do it with cursive handwriting, it causes neurological connections in your brain that weren’t there before. It’s something that we should all be doing. I constantly beg my kids to write in cursive and they just don’t listen to me.

But they don’t listen to me when I tell them most things, right?

We should be writing in cursive. It’s such a healthy stimulation for our brain. Ideally, and I’ve talked on this before in different talks that I’ve given in different workshops that I’ve given. We should actually use our NON-dominant hand and practice cursive handwriting with our non dominant hand as well. That causes fireworks go off in the brain neuroscientists have to say.

It’s a day that should be celebrated. And everyday should be national handwriting day because we should be writing in cursive as much as possible. It’s great for your brain. And especially as we get older. We want to do all we can to make sure that our brains are sharp and as healthy as possible. So get out there, start writing cursive.

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