How Horror Movies Can Help Our Health

Everyone knows October is horror movie season.

I love horror movies, especially the old 1980s slasher flicks, some of the best movies ever made.

I want to share with you is a cool tip that relates to horror movies that can actually impact your health and how much and how well you breathe.

This is graphic but if you think about the old horror movies, there’s sometimes the bad guy who would get people and put them on a hook, right?

I want you to picture you’re one of the victims.

What I want you to do is picture that something is pulling your sternum, your breastbone, up because we talk about posture, and we talk about side posture.

When you’re in this position, that’s the worst possible position you can be in.

What we want you to do is not only bring your head on top of your shoulders, which is a good thing to start, but then the next step is actually to extend your torso like there’s just something pulling up on you.

It stretches your abdominal muscles, but it is such a more beneficial posture for you to be in.

80s horror movies can help your health, who would have thought?

Remember when you’re standing up, sitting up, driving in your car, whenever you remember, just imagine there’s that hook pulling you up, pulling you up, you can just feel, do it right now.

If you would like to start doing the things you love to do again and you’re being limited by pain, dysfunction, chronic disease, give us a call.

Thanks for reading.

Go watch a horror flick tonight.

Dr. Mike Geran


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