So I was having an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is also a chiropractor. He was talking about how he dialogues with his new patients. He said something that struck a chord with me, that I liked.

When he talks to a patient and he is going over their findings, the one question he asked them is, what drug can restore normal function to the nervous system? Of course, the patient says, “Well, there’s no drug that can do that.”

My friend says, “You’re right. There is no drug that can do that,” because nothing but a chiropractic adjustment can restore normal function to the nervous system.

That’s our primary focus in chiropractic. So there’s no drug you can take to do what we do for you. Whatever issues you have, it’s very often because you have a nervous system that’s not functioning like it’s supposed to.

If you have issues, you have to get your nervous system checked by a chiropractor. Then if we find that there’s interference and distortion and an imbalance in the nervous system, you have to get it corrected, or else you’re never going to fully get resolution from that issue.

No drug can do that for you. Only chiropractic adjustments can do that. We help people get back to doing the things they love to do again.