Life is Like A Light

Our Bodies, Like Lights, Rely on Power

Let’s talk about light — more specifically, a lamp.

When a lamp is fully connected to its power source, it works perfectly, just like a lamp is supposed to do.

But if I take a dimmer switch and interfere with the amount of power going over the wires to this lamp, it’s not going to work like it’s supposed to.

The only thing I can do to help this lamp, is restore full power.

The same thing happens in our bodies.

Our organs are all wired to our brain.

Suppose that system gets interfered with by stress or by a malfunctioning nervous system. In that case, it begins to cause these organs to have less power.

Let’s say a light is a stomach, and the stomach is not getting full power.

Eventually, that stomach will develop problems and finally could show symptoms.

Restoring Full Power to the Body

We can do a lot of things to cover up the symptoms.

We can do surgery, or we can try medication. We can try fixing your nutritional habits.

We can do all sorts of different things.

But until we restore full power to that stomach, it’s never going to work like it’s supposed to work.

That’s the principle of chiropractic.

Every single organ in the body needs full power. It needs to express full life.

Chiropractic helps with that.

Chiropractic does one thing: we restore full connection between the brain and the body so that everything functions normally in the body.

When we do that, you express full health, full life, and full vitality.

If you want to experience that, you need to come to Foothills Chiropractic and talk to us!

Dr. Mike Geran


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