“Hey there. This is Doctor Mike Geran from Foothills Chiropractic in Travelers Rest. And we are hosting a workshop coming up, entitled Unraveling Neurodevelopmental Disorders. We’ve done several of these workshops over the past year or so, and we get great feedback from parents. It’s great for people who have kids that are suffering from things in the neurodevelopmental world like ADHD, autism,

Asperger’s, anything related to those conditions. In this workshop, we’re gonna go over a lot of different content, a lot of information. We’ll talk about how does the brain gets out of balance? How does diet play a role? How does the gut microbiome play a role in all of this? And I’m going to give you concrete steps and concrete solutions to help you navigate this world of neurodevelopmental disorders,

so I would love to see you sign up. Join us. You’re going to learn a ton of great, great information. It’s going to help you and your child tremendously. I’m Doctor Mike Geran from Foothills Chiropractic, and we hope to see you there.”