A Simple Approach to Radically Changing Your Health

Our office is designed so that individuals and families can receive the life-changing benefits of chiropractic care. Like a lot of things, chiropractic works best when done consistently over time. Our office makes this both easy and affordable.

  • We value being totally transparent and up front with what we charge.
  • We don’t do a super-cheap 1st visit only to follow it with an expensive “plan”
  • We aren’t going to try to “sell” you chiropractic
  • We aren’t going to use high pressure or fear to convince you to use our office
  • If you have insurance, you won’t need to use it in our office because our fees are typically less than what you’d pay using insurance
  • We are set up so that every man, woman and child can make regular ongoing chiropractic care part of their lifestyle

Here’s how it works:

We will have a conversation about what’s going on with you so we can get to know you better. Then we’ll go over what we can do to help you and how our office works.
At that point you’ll have a couple options…

Option 1

Month-to-Month Fee: 

$199 Individual   |   $279 Family

This fee includes all recommended visits during the next month.

This option is for people not quite ready to receive the life-changing benefits of ongoing chiropractic care.

Option 2

Monthly Fee System:  

$140 Individual   |   $225 Family

This fee is payable only by recurring monthly auto-debit and it covers all recommended visits each month.

This option is PERFECT for those who want to make chiropractic care part of their lifestyle.

Long-term ongoing chiropractic care is THE single best thing a person can do to improve their health over time. Our Monthly Fee System makes getting this type of chiropractic care affordable. 

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