Handwriting Day

Every year, usually in January 1, a lot of people set huge, lofty goals for the year. Sometimes they’re called resolutions, and very often they fail miserably.

That’s why January is the biggest month for gyms. I’m on the board of our local YMCA and January’s always a huge time for memberships there. But how many of those people stay…well, that’s another story.

So what if we took another approach?

The book Psychocybernetics by Dr. Matthew Maltz is what I believe to be one of the best books ever written. It was later revised and updated by Matt Furey.

This book talks about setting goals. But it talks about setting DAILY goals.

NOT yearly goals.

Sure, it’s great to have a big vision. Tt’s great to have an idea of where you want to be in 3, 6, or 12 months or even five years. It’s good to have those goals and targets.

But according to both these gentlemen if you continuously focus on those big, huge goals you will eventually become frustrated. You will eventually become discouraged because sometimes when you have big goals, it takes a long time to achieve to those goals – if you ever achieve them.

This begins to negatively affect your neurology, and it negatively affects the goal striving mechanism you have inside you.

So instead of constantly focusing on big, hairy audacious goals. Which, by the way, you should have. But you shouldn’t focus on them, you should focus on having a daily goal, and not 10 daily goals. Every day just pick ONE thing. Pick one simple thing that you’re going to get done that day. And then what you do is, as part of your morning preparation in your mind, you picture yourself – visualize yourself achieving that goal. And feel, feel the feeling of achieving it. Feel how good it feels to have achieved that goal.

This will re-wire your nervous system. And when you accomplish that goal, it will feel really good.

So then the next day. Pick another goal. Another daily goal. Visualize yourself accomplishing it. And then during the day do the thing. Do this, day after day after day after day and they’re all small little incremental goals. All aimed at getting you closer and closer to your big goals.

This creates, on a daily basis, momentum in your nervous system, so that you begin to achieve these big goals but you do it one day at a time. And you do it without frustration. Without aggravation.

So try this, start tomorrow: pick a goal, see yourself doing it. Feel yourself feeling accomplished because you achieved that goal. And then do the thing during the day. It’s a very simple process but if you do it, if you do it consistently. It will reap massive massive benefits.

I truly believe that you should read Psychocybernetics. Several times. There are actually courses done by Matthew Maltz and Matt Furey that go deeper than the book. But start with the book. It’ll change your life.

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