I have a question for you; Where does health come from?

Where do you get healthy? Does it come from a pill? Does it come from an injection? Does health come from surgery or a prescription bottle? Or does it come from something else?

I’ll give you my answer.

My answer is that health comes from having the normal function in your body. Yes, there are things you can do from the outside. Food, air, sunshine, water, nutrients, are all things that can help you be healthy.

Health doesn’t come from a bottle. It doesn’t come from a pill. Health comes from optimizing normal function.

That’s where health comes from.

That’s one of the main things we do, as chiropractors, is help people to be healthier because we help normalize function. We help normalize the nerve system, which governs and controls all human functions. So the better your nervous system functions, the healthier you are going to be.

That’s the main principle of chiropractic.