The Rest Stop


Hey there. This is Doctor Mike Geran from Foothills Chiropractic here in Travelers Rest and I would love to invite you to join our private Facebook group. It’s called The Rest Stop, hence the play on Travelers Rest, but it’s The Rest Stop. It’s a place where you can come and you can learn about a lot of great topics that are going to enhance your health, your wellness, your vitality.

It’s not a chiropractic group at all, but what it is it’s a health and wellness group. We talk about a lot of things like health, and mindset, and how to improve how your brain functions, and how to see more abundance in the world. It’s filled with great content. We’re always updating it.

We’re always doing interviews and sharing research and sharing information and sharing content. You really need to join it. It’s free to join. There’s no obligation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a patient of ours or not. It’s a community group. So we’re all about serving the community and helping to enhance the lives of people in the Travelers Rest and surrounding communities.

So I invite you to join us at The Rest Stop. It will change your life, no questions at all. Again, this is Doctor Mike Geran, Foothills Chiropractic. Thanks for watching. And we will hopefully see you at The Rest Stop.”

Dr. Mike Geran


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