What Is A Zone Adjustment?

I want to talk to you about the technique that we use here at Foothills Chiropractic. We use the zone technique, and I’m going to explain a little bit, and then I’m gonna do a demonstration of an adjustment using the zone technique. It’s a very effective way to balance the entire body.

How we are wired is we have six different systems in our body. There’s the glandular system, elimination, nervous, digestive system, muscular, circulatory system. Every cell in your body is in one of these six different systems. So my job as a zone chiropractor is to determine which one of these systems is most out of balance and then do an adjustment to balance a nerve system in a balanced body.

It’s going to do exactly what it has to do to heal. So that’s a brief overview of the zone technique. We’re going to go into the adjusting room and I’m gonna adjust my assistant Haley just so you can see how a zone adjustment works. Okay. So we’re going to do a zone adjustment. This is my assistant Hayley.

And as you can see, Haley is pregnant. She’s due in about four or five weeks. Chiropractic is great with pregnancy. When she has the baby, we’re gonna adjust her little baby first day it’s born. We see babies right when they’re born. And it’s just a great thing. People that grow up under chiropractic care are super healthy.

So all we do to determine which zones out of balance is there are points in the back of the head that each relate to these specific zones. So I’m just going to push on them. And there’s one, two, three, four, five, six. So her zone three is out of balance so she has a nervous system that needs balancing.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna adjust specific points on the spine to balance that part of the brain that controls the nervous system. Now I’m going to do some with my hands and I have an instrument that I used to adjust, too. So just real easy gentle pressure.

And then we can even use our instrument to adjust the hip here.

We also just the neck too. So it’s a very, very gentle adjustment on her neck.

So that right there is a zone chiropractic adjustment. Super, super effective, we get phenomenal results using it. So Dr. Mike Geran, Foothills Chiropractic. We help people move better and feel better so they can live better.

Dr. Mike Geran


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