Your “Go To” Thing For Health

Dr. Mike: I’m here with my good buddy, Tristan Parmley, and he is going to actually be the one that post this video to all of our sites. He’s my go-to guy for all of my social media content. He’s the guy that gets it done, so I need him in my corner so that my business functions like it’s supposed to.

Tristan: I’d say the best thing that any local business could do now, pandemic or not, growing phase or retention phase, is to make more videos.

It’s the fastest way to tell your friends, your family, your community your mission, your message, and ultimately to give people context.

I think content gives context, and that’s what Dr. Mike is so good at.

Even make some good skits and blows me away all the time.

Dr. Mike: He’s my go-to guy for my business stuff, but he’s like a nervous system. The nervous system in your body is the go-to thing that makes your body run as well as it possibly can. Chiropractic is the one thing you can do to optimize how your body functions. You need somebody like Tristan for your nervous system, and I’m that guy for you here in the upstate of South Carolina.

Dr. Mike Geran


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